FocusLynx Dual-Focus Control System

Intelligent Automation for Telescope Focus Control

The FocusLynx Dual-Focuser System offers an easy way to simultaneously and independently control one or two Optec or Starlight focusers through your computer, smartphone, or hand control. Each focuser may be plugged into the hub using standard Ethernet cables. The FocusLynx can then be connected to a computer via Optec's USB/Serial cable, Ethernet, or wireless network (with purchase of the extra FocusLynx Wireless Board accessory). Once connected, are ready to go! You can simply open up any focuser control program or Optec's proprietary FocusLynx Commander control software and you will be able to control each focuser the way you would without the hub. Optec also offers an optional FocusLynx Hand Controller (stock #19695) that can be plugged into the FocusLynx to allow telescope-side control of each focuser.

Additionally, if the hub is connected to a computer via wired or wireless ethernet, the FocusLynx will generate its own control webpage that can be accessed with any web browser or smartphone. Since this page is generated and displayed by the hub itself, once you are connected, there is no further configuration required: just attach your focusers and go!

Visit the FocusLynx Software Downloads Page for the latest updates on FocusLynx control software and resources.

View the  FocusLynx Commander Help files.