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Dealers for USA and Canada

Optec supports our North American dealers and distributors. We invite you to visit your favorite Optec dealer shown below.


Company 7
Company Seven
Astro Physics Division
Box 2587
Montpelier, MD   20709

Telephone:  301-953-2000
Email:  info@company7.com

OPT TelescopesOPT Telescopes
918 Mission Ave.
Oceanside, CA   92054

Telephone: 1-800-483-6287
Email: internetsales@optcorp.com

Tolga AstroTolga Astro
Tolga Gumusayak
13 Merklin Ave
West Orange, NJ  07052

Telephone:  732-496-1519
Email:  tolga@tolgaastro.com

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes 
Woodland Hills Telescope
5348 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA   91364

Telephone:  888-427-8766
Email:  whcamera@woodlandhillscamera.com


Canadian TelescopesCanadian Telescopes
211-3030 Lincoln Avenue
Coquitlam, BC   V3B 6B4

Telephone:  888-527-7207
Email: info@canadiantelescopes.com

Kendrick Astro Instruments
Kendrick Astro Instruments
36 Cawthra Ave.
Toronto, Ontario  M6N 5B3

Telephone:  800-393-5456
Email:  info@kendrickastro.com

Lire La Nature / Astronomie Plus Lire la Nature /Astronomie Plus
373, de Gentily Ouest
Longueuil, QC
CANADA    J4H  1Z9
Lire La Nature / Astronomie Plus
Telephone: 450-463-5072
Email:  lirelanature@videotron.ca