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Serial Communication Cables

A little background...

Historically, Optec's products and instruments have used a serial communication protocol to communicate with an external computer.  Optec's RS-232 protocol implementation is a 3-wire subset of the official RS-232 specification.   However, over the years, it has proven to be quite robust.  Our latest cable product is a unique 3-wire RJ-12 to USB direct connect Serial/USB Cable designed especially for the TCF-S, IFW, and Pyxis rotator. 

"Null Modem" Serial Cables

6-ft. Serial DB9 (F/F) CableThe SSP photometer line and Perseus 4-port Instrument Selector each use a standard DB9 connector with standard RX, TX, and GND ports connected.  A "Null Modem" serial cable is required to make the connection to a PC's 9-pin DB9 serial port.  Available in lengths from 6-ft (2m) to 25-ft (8m) these serial cables feature a female DB9 connector on both end with locking thumbscrews.

How to Order:

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USB-to-Serial Converters:

For computers without native serial ports available, Optec recommends the FTDI chipset converters - see our 4-port and single port USB-to-Serial converters sold separately.

Other Cables and Converters:

Serial and USB/Serial Cables
RJ-12 to USB communications cables for Optec devices.

Control Cables for the TCF-S and IFW
RJ-45 to DB-9 stepper control cables for select Optec devices.