Gemini Hand Control

#19752 - Hand Control with Digital Read-Out

Gemini Hand ControlThe #19752 Gemini Hand Control provides an easy, vibration-free method of focusing the telescope when using the Gemini Focusing Rotator.  Featuring IN and OUT buttons, a 2-line display, and a rotary Fine Focus Knob, this Hand Control is a "must-have" option for any Gemini system where the operator may be present at the telescope. 

NEW!  The Gemini Hand Control now includes an  electronic Fine Focus Knob for greater control and tactile feedback while using eyepieces at the telescope.  An embedded rotary encoder switch allows one-hand fine focus control while using an eyepiece.  No need to move your eye away from the eyepiece - with this improvement the Gemini hand control provides simple, intuitive and precise control of the focus motor.

The Gemini Hand Control plugs into the  Hand Controller port on the bottom of the Gemini Control Hub using the included telephone handset cord.

  • Material:  6061 aluminum, anodized black
  • Display:  2-line with Position and Temperature
  • Buttons:  IN, OUT, and MODE buttons
  • Focus/Rotation Control:  Rotary encoder with 1X, 10X, and 100X speeds
  • Communications:  SPI to Gemini Hub via MAX232 chip
  • Length:  6.3" (160mm)
  • Width:  3.2" (81.4mm)
  • Thickness: 0.9" (22.7mm)
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Mounting:  Stainless Steel hanging hook included
  • Connection to Gemini hub:  RJ22 plug labeled "Hand Controller"
  • Recommended Cable: Telephone Handset Cable (25-ft. and 6-ft. lengths included)
  • Firmware:  V1.1.0 upgradeable with replacement 28-pin PIC chip
How to Order:

Contact any Optec dealer, call Toll-Free 1-888-488-0381, email, or click the button below to order directly through Paypal.

Firmware Upgrade Option - Current Version V1.1.0
List Price: $25

Additional Details and Resources:

Gemini Hand Control Quick Start instructions.

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