Sagitta Off-Axis GuiderSagitta OAG

New OAG for Large Format Cameras

Optec engineers designed the Sagitta OAG to provide a solution for remote imagers who require the ability to adjust guide camera focus independently of the imaging camera focus.

Unique Benefits for Independent Guider Focus

FocusLockDesigned especially with the Lacerta for Lodestar in mind, Sagitta allows slight adjustments to the guider focus for optimal performance with FocusLock continual focusing software.  Set the guider focus remotely, perform a calibration run, and you can enjoy continous, perfect focus regardless of temperature or other adverse conditions normally affecting focus.  With FocusLock, as long as you're guiding the primary imager remains in focus.

For users of filter focus offsets, a problem occurs when the filter wheel is positioned behind the OAG.  Applying an offset for non-parfocal filters will keep the primary imager in focus, but the guide camera will be de-focused for that filter.  With Sagitta, this effect can be effective reversed in software.  As the primary focuser moves out, say 50 microns, the Sagitta can simultaneously be moved inward by the same amount. 

Optec’s Sagitta OAG can be purchased with the guider motor attached (#19340) or without the motor for manual guider focus (#19342). The motorized version requires the FocusLynx control hub and is an ideal use of the Focuser 2 port for owners of FocusLynx or FocusBoss II controllers.

For owners of the manual Sagitta OAG, Optec also offers a motor upgrade easily installed with four socket cap bolts.  See #19349 for details.

Robust Compact Design

Designed as a robust alternative for the OAG market, Sagitta can be installed and configured for years of unattended use. Featuring a full 3-inch (76.2mm) clear aperture, Sagitta includes a high-quality fully multi-coated pick-off prism with 12.5mm clear aperture to the guide camera. Sagitta features a large brass split-clamp for attachment of any 1-1/4” format guide camera with plenty of range for setting the guide camera parfocal to the imaging camera. Adjusting the prism stalk height can be accomplished with a single tool and provides prism engagement adjustment of 12mm. Overall, guide camera adjustments exceed 42mm while the OAG body thickness is held at only 31.75mm or 1-1/4”.

Optec has developed a new shorter 3-inch dovetail to fit the Sagitta and older MOAG off-axis guiders.  See the full OPTEC-3000-S dovetail spec sheet for details. 

For other telescope OTA's,  PreciseParts can supply additional custom adapters while the larger OPTEC-3000-S adapter line is developed and expanded. 

More Information and Ordering Information

For additional details and ordering information, click either link below:

   Stock #19340 - Sagitta Motorized Off-Axis Guider

   Stock #19342 - Sagitta Manual Off-Axis Guider 

  Stock #19349 - Add-on Motor for Manual Off-Axis Guider