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Pyxis Camera Field RotatorPyxis Software Downloads

Updated Unified Pyxis Driver
Pyxis LE, Pyxis 2", and Pyxis 3"
Camera Field Rotators

Pyxis Rotator Universal Software Installer:

Screenshot of Pyxis softwarePyxis LE Camera Field RotatorThe NEW Pyxis Software and ASCOM Driver installers below offer the following improvements over the original software and drivers:

  • Compatible with Pyxis LE, Pyxis 2" and Pyxis 3" models,
  • Full Windows 10, 7 and Vista support,
  • Any CPU installer works for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS,
  • New local server model allows multiple clients,
  • Multiple instance support for control over two or more Pyxis rotators,
  • Halt command to stop long rotations (requires home after halt),
  • Improved configuration interface,
  • Capable of sub-degree moves with Pyxis firmware version 2.03 or Pyxis 3" firmware version 3.41 and above,
  • Compatible with Optec Alt-Az De-Rotation server software.
Pyxis LE Camera Field RotatorPyxisCommanderSetup(3.2.0).zip
Windows Any-CPU  (release date:  07/28/2021)

ASCOM StandardsAny CPU installer program for the Pyxis Commander Program and ASCOM Driver version 3.2.0.  Driver with advanced setup options for the Pyxis LE, Pyxis 2", and 3" Camera Field Rotators.  Includes ASCOM local server driver, multliple rotator capablity and expanded help file. 
  You will need to unzip this file into a temporary folder to run the setup.exe executable program.
ASCOM driver requires Platform 6.1 or higher,
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.
Pyxis LE Firmwarde v1.00 or above.
Pyxis 2" Gen1 Firmware v2.03 or above recommended.
Pyxis 2" Gen3 Firmware v3.0.0 or above.
Pyxis 3" Gen1/2 firmware v.3.41 or above recommended.

Software copyright 2021 - Optec, Inc. (Free to distribute.)
Download Pyxis LE Control Program and ASCOM driver

Pyxis Commander Quick Start Guide

Download the Pyxis Commander Quick Start Guide pdf.

Pyxis Commander Software Help Files:

View the Pyxis Commander Help files.
Download and print the Pyxis Commander Help pdf.

Older Pyxis Downloads

Pyxis Rotator Technical Manual:

Pyxis Camera Field Rotator Technical Manual for Theory of Operation and Operating Procedures including the Pyxis 3-inch, Revision 2 - November 2006.

Download and print the Pyxis Camera Field Rotator Technical Manual  for Theory of Operation and Operating Procedures.

Older Pyxis Software:

TCF-S Focuser SoftwareOlder Pyxis 32-bit and 64-bit drivers, as well as the original standalone Pyxis Control program can be downloaded here.

Pyxis LE Camera Field RotatorOlder Pyxis LE driver versions are now obsolete and will not longer be supported.  The final release versions are still available for download for backward compatibility.  Click here for the older Pyxis LE download links.

The original Pyxis control software and ASCOM drivers are now obsolete and will no longer be supported.  However, for backward compatibility and for installations using older ASCOM platforms, these programs can still be downloaded here.