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Close-Outs and Miscellaneous Tooling

Modified Horiba H10 V-IR Monochrometer (1978)

The H10 Monochrometer was originally designed to act as a kind of narrow-pass photometer with the ability to adjust the wavelength being passed between an approximate range of 300-1100 nm. In 1978, Optec purchased one of these devices for internal use, and over the years it has been extensively modified. Now, we have no more use for this instrument, though it could be enormously helpful to another.

In addition to its originally intended functionality, this modified monochrometer includes:

Effectively, these modifications make the H10 a perfect tool for constructing things like filter transmission curves.


#17435 Wratten #23A Light Red Filter - unmounted - chipped edge. $ 10.00
#17247 40mm GREEN-IR Filter with thin coating scratch. $ 40.00

Electronic and Mechanical Components:

At Optec, electronic and mechanical components tend to reach obsolesence in a relatively short period of time. We are continuously updating our designs, which results in older components falling out of use and simply being left on our shelves. These are often offered on eBay and other auction sites or can be purchased directly here. For more information on individual items, contact us directly.

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