"Helping Astronomers Measure The Stars Since 1979"

Optec is a design and manufacturing firm specializing in electro-optical products used in astronomy, atmospheric science and microscopy. We are located in the town of Lowell, Michigan near the banks of the Grand River. Our company is small but we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in the design and manufacture of our products.

QuickSync and FocusLynx - 10 Years Later

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since we introduced our FocusLynx FT and the QuickSync motors for FeatherTouch focusers. Originally billed as “Smart Automation for the FeatherTouch Focuser” our white paper detailed the design goals and reasons for developing this line of add-on focus motors. The most important reason was our admiration for the “FeatherTouch Feel”, that smooth “buttery” motion you get when manually focusing a FeatherTouch. Many import focusers have attempted to duplicate the FeatherTouch Feel and they are getting better, but none have surpassed this original outstanding design

ASCOM Alpaca for FocusLynx Available Now

Optec's Daniel Van Noord has been working closely with the ASCOM Development Team to release ASCOM Alpaca providing true cross-platform compatibility for any telescope device running on any scope mounted computer and connected to your favorite observatory control package.

We are happy to introduce our FocusLynx Alpaca driver v3.50.  Click here to visit our FocusLynx download page.

Sagitta Off-Axis Guider for Large Format Cameras

Sagitta OAGOptec engineers designed the Sagitta OAG to provide a solution for remote imagers who require the ability to adjust guide camera focus independently of the imaging camera focus.

Optec’s Sagitta OAG can be purchased with the guider motor attached (#19340) or without the motor for manual guider focus (#19342). The motorized version requires the FocusLynx control hub and is an ideal use of the Focuser 2 port for owners of FocusLynx or FocusBoss II controllers.


TCF-LEO Low-Profile Temperature Compensating Focuser

Optec provided a sneak-peak of our new focuser at NEAF 2017 in New York. Visit our booth this year to see the new low profile focuser in action.    The TCF-LEO is the newest in our line of temperature compensating focusers.  This thin low-profile focuser has a minimum thickness of only 1.25" and 0.35-inches of travel or about 9mm. 

We anticipate the TCF-LEO will help many imagers struggling with minimal back-focus on scopes such as the Celestron EdgeHD C1100.  TCF-LEO is designed to fit between the mirror lock-knobs on the C-11HD and will work well with the Innovation Foresight On-Axis Guider as well as the large Perseus 3-inch port. Click here for more information.

DirectSync SVX Integrated Motors

The new All-in-One ThirdLynx DirectSync SVX30 motor is an aftermarket add-on for the Stellarvue SVF25 2.5-inch and SVF30 3-inch native focusers. The DirectSync SVX30 includes an integrated ThirdLynx control circuit with built-in temperature sensor. The new DirectSync SVX30 motor provides a direct drive motor that can be easily disengaged for manual focusing. DirectSync SVX30 is easy to install and provides a digital focusing solution that also allows manual focus for visual observing.

Fully ASCOM Alpaca and X2 compliant using our FocusLynx driver and software.  Full details and pre-order here.

New DirectSync Motors for FocusLynx

Optec engineers have designed several new DirectSync motors for the FocusLynx dual-focuser control hub.  DirectSync motors replace the coarse focus knob and provide a direct geared connection to the rack and pinion.  With our smooth clutch mechanism, manual focus control is preserved.  Engage the motor with a simple twist of the motor housing and auto-focus is available using any ASCOM software client. 

New motors include DirectSync SV35 for the new Stellarvue̓̓̓̓ 3-1/2 inch focuser, DirectSync ES25 for Explore Scientific 2-1/2" HEX focuser, and our DirectSync SW30 to fit Sky-Watcher̓̓s premium 3-inch focuser for the Esprit series apochromats.  Visit the FocusLynx page for full details.

We̓ve made a priority of expanding our DirectSync motor selection to include the DirectSync APO, DirectSync TEC, DirectSync ACF, and DirectSync SV for the Stellarvue.  

FocusLynx Hand Control upgrade

Optec has added a Fine Focus Knob to the FocusLynx Hand Control for a much better experience at the telescope. With three speeds and improved response of the IN and OUT buttons, you'll find using the Hand Control much more enjoyable for visual observing. Single handed operation allows you to adjust focus quickly and precisely without moving your eye away from the eyepiece. If you're a visual user with the FocusLynx system,  you owe to yourself to try the new hand control.

Contact Optec Sales to arrange return of your hand control for upgrade at a special upgrade price.    Includes the latest hand control firmware and works best with the current versions of FocusLynx Commander. 

Guaranteed satisfaction - click here for full details or to order the upgrade.

Sky & Telescope Hot Product - Gemini Focusing Rotator

Introducing a new heavy duty combination rotator and focuser now available for purchase. Capable of handling extremely large camera loads, the Gemini Focusing Rotator will offer a level of performance unparalleled by anything in its price range. 

The Gemini Focusing Rotator is now available from stock!

Visit our dedicated Gemini webpages for additional details and ordering information. 

Based upon the success of the FocusLynx Control system, the new Gemini can be controlled through serial, USB, wired Ethernet and 802.11b WiFi networks.  Gemini features two stepper motors with rotation and focus in one compact device.  At only 2-1/4" thickness and 1/2-inch of travel, the Gemini will fit telescopes and long camera packages that previously could not be supported. 

Contact us by email (sales@optecinc.com) or join the Optec Yahoo Group for notifications as details become available.