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3-inch To SLT Camera Mount

#17806 - 3" Drawtube Adapter To SBIG STL Camera Mount

3-inch To SLT Camera Mount

The #17806 3-inch STL camera mount bolts directly onto SBIG STL camera systems and presents an OPTEC-3000 dovetail to attach to any product with an OPTEC-3000 receiver, including the TCF-S3, IFW-3, and Pyxis 3" rotator.

  • Outside Diameter:  3.45" (87.6mm)
  • Overall Height: 0.85" (21.6mm)
  • Clear Aperture:  2.25"  (57mm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz (118 g)
  • Back-focus Usage: 0.1" (2.54mm)
  • Telescope Side Connection:  OPTEC-3000 Dovetail
  • Camera Side Connection:  STL Camera 4-Bolt Pattern
Telescope-side Compatibility:
  • Optec TCF-S3, TCF-S3i, TCF-Lynx3 focuser,
  • Pyxis 3" #17745 or #17747 rotator,
  • IFW-3 with #17367 rear-cover plate,
  • Perseus 4-port selector with #19880 receiver adapter.
Camera-side Compatibility:
  • SBIG STL camera,
  • SBIG STL FW8 filter wheel,
  • SBIG AO-8, AO-L adaptive optics,
  • Any SBIG camera accessory with 1.9" x 1.9" 4-bolt pattern.
How to Order:

Contact any Optec dealer, call Toll-Free 1-888-488-0381, email, or visit our ecommerce site: optecinc.us.

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3-inch To SLT Camera Mount 3-inch To SLT Camera Mount 3-inch To SLT Camera Mount with TCF-S3 Focuser

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