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Cables for Optec Instrumentation

Cables are an integral component of nearly all the Optec instrumentation systems.  We use a variety of cable types and configurations for our different products.  Follow the links below to learn more about our cable types.

Control Cables - RJ-45 plug to DB-9 connector

Optec's Control Cables are used with the original TCF-S focuser, IFW Intelligent Filter Wheel, and older MAXfilter filter-slider systems.  The Control cable is designed to pass stepper control signals from an external control box containing the stepper driver to the device where the actual stepper motor is attached.  Additional lines may return temperature or position information back to the controller. 

Control Cables have an RJ-45 plug on one end and a DB-9 connector on the other end.  Click the image at right to learn more about the Control Cable

USB/Serial Cables - RJ-12 plug to USB-A connector

Optec has developed a custom USB/Serial cable with integrated USB-to-Serial Converter.  A 6-ft. version of these cables is now included in all Optec instruments and device with a modular RJ-12 serial socket, but many installations may require a longer cable.  Click the image at right or here to learn more about the new USB/Serial Cable and order in standard or custom lengths. 

USB/Serial Cables have a male RJ-12 plug on the device end and a flat USB-A connector with built-in converter on the computer end.

Null Serial Cables - Female DB-9 to Female DB-9

Optec's SSP Photometers and Perseus 4-port Instrument Selectors provide a direct DB-9 serial connection on the instrument chasis.  To connect to any external computer use one of our null modem serial cables.  These female DB-9 to DB-9 cables are shielded and can be used with the FTDI USB-to-Serial converters for computers without a native serial port.  Click the image above to learn more about or to order the Null Serial Cable in several available lengths.

Our Null Serial Cables feature a female DB-9 on each end.

USB-to-Serial Converters - Male DB-9 to USB-A connector

Optec recommends the FTDI chipset and drivers for our serial devices.  We offer single and 4-port USB-to-Serial Converters guaranteed to work with our devices and instruments.  Click the photo at right or here for details and ordering information.

Our USB-to-Serial Converters have a male DB-9 on the device side and USB-A flat connector on the computer end. 

USB Cables

Optec's Alnitak Flat Field devices, Pyxis LE, and HSFW products can be used with any good quality, shielded USB cable up to 16-ft. (5m) in length.  

Our standard USB cables feature a square USB-B connector on the device end and flat USB-A connector on the computer end. 

Cat-5e Ethernet Cables

The FocusLynx controller hub and QuickSync motors are connected using a high-quality Cat-5e or Cat-6 Ethernet cable.  6-ft. length cables are included in every package but longer stock cables can be purchased and used when needed.

Cat-5e and Cat-6 cables feature an 8-wire (four twisted pairs) RJ-45 plug on each end.