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NGC 316 Performance

Bill Perry's M1 Crab Nebula Bill Perry captured this four hour exposure using an Apogee U9000 camera, Meade 16" LX200GPS telescope and the new Optec NGC 316 Next Generation Corrector.  Click the image or here for a full size jpeg image.  Note the corner stars - these are fully 50mm corner to corner using the KAF9000 chip in the U9000. The NGC 316 provides a 0.75X reduction for any classic Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope.  Call Optec for more information today! Many thanks to Bill Perry's efforts to show what can be done with the classic SCT and large chip cameras.

ScreenshotThis screen capture shows two uncorrected images of M1 captured by Bill Perry in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Bill took the image on the left using his 16-inch Meade LX200 GPS telescope at native f/10. The image on the right was taken with the NGC 316 at f/7.5. Both images are uncorrected, unguided stacked images totaling 600 seconds each.

This screen capture shows the zoomed area to the upper left of the Crab Nebula. On the right is the NGC 316 corrected image.

This series shows the zoomed area uncorrected at f/10 on the left and corrected f/7.5 image on the right. Note how the much more round the star images are and notice how much better the binary stars can be split. The coma inherent in the original LX200 SCT design has been eliminated.

This final screen capture shows the corner stars of Bill's Apogee U9000 camera. This camera boasts a 51.9mm diagonal KAF9000 CCD which is actually LARGER than a 35mm film plane. Note how round the stars are right to the edge of field. Many thanks to Bill Perry for testing out the NGC 316.  Note that the fully corrected unvignetted image only extends to 35mm.