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Pyxis Details

The Pyxis control program window is shown at the left and measures about 250 x 275 pixels. Since it takes little of the display, it can be active and moved to an unused area of the monitor. After the connection is established to the Pyxis through the serial COM port, the current PA (Position Angle) is shown in units of 1 degree from 0 to 359 degrees. Enter a new PA in the box and press the MOVE button to rotate to the desired PA.

With an alt-azimuth application, the user would first enter the telescope's latitude and longitude in the setup. Then the RA and DEC of the star that is being tracked would be entered in the text boxes. To initiate the deroation control, the user would press the START/STOP button. The direction and step rate is then controlled by the program and terminated when the START/STOP button is pressed again.

The Pyxis comes with 12 VDC power supply, 6 foot power cord, 2" telescope adaper, install tools to attach adapters and a CD with control setup program and manual in pdf format. Camera adapter shown in picture must be ordered separately.


Imaging by Dan Price. Processing by Bruce Gary.

" I've been using the Pyxis as a field derotator on a 25" Obsession telescope using a ServoCAT drive with an SBIG ST-2000xcm and an SBIG AO-7. ...The attached .jpg of M1 is a 20 minute (not stacked - ed) exposure using the Pyxis, and the .jpg of M81 is a 1 hour (not stacked - ed) exposure using the Pyxis. Because the truss poles had to be shortened 8 inches to achieve prime focus, these pictures are using less than 50% of the 25" mirror's light. Also, both pictures were taken in my backyard in the city of Ridgecrest, CA under very light polluted conditions." -Dan Price, February 2005