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FocusLynx Controller Downloads

FocusLynx Commander Software and ASCOM Driver

Version 3.1 represents a major update to the FocusLynx ASCOM driver and FocusLynx Commander software. 

Version 3.1 Driver and Software:

NEW!  Version 3.1 driver support for ThirdLynx controllers.
Multi-Instance Capability allows several FocusLynx hubs and ThirdLynx motors to be used on the same computer.

Windows OS (release date: 2019/06/27)

ASCOM StandardsAny-CPU setup program for the FocusLynx Commander Hub Control Program, ASCOM and Alpaca Driver. Windows driver with advanced setup options for the Optec TCF-Lynx, DirectSync and QuickSync focusers including ThirdLynx integrated controllers.  Includes multiple instance ASCOM local server software driver, and expanded help file. 
  You will need to unzip this file into a temporary folder and double-click the setup.exe installer program.
ASCOM driver requires Platform 6.0 or later.

Software copyright 2019 - Optec, Inc. (Free to distribute.)

Download TCF-S ASCOM driver

Current  Firmware versions:

Optec recommends keeping your software and firmware up to date with the latest versions.  Driver software and FocusLynx / ThirdLynx firmware are available as free downloads.  Use the Firmware Update Tool (File - Upgrade Firmware...) within FocusLynx Commander.

The WiFi and Hand Control firmware are provided on a socketed 28-pin DIP package that must be ordered separately from Optec.

Optec's NEW ThirdLynx control circuit integrated into the QuickSync and DirectSync "X" series motors functions similarly to the original FocusLynx hub with the same FocusLynx drivers.

FocusLynx Hub Firmware:		v2.3.3
FocusLynx Hand Control:		v1.3.0
FocusLynx WiFi Firmware:	v2.2.0 (v1.2.0 - 1st generation)
NEW! ThirdLynx Firmware:	v1.0.0

FocusLynx Quick Start Guide

Download the FocusLynx Quick Start Guide revision 4 pdf.

FocusLynx Commander Software Help Files:

View the FocusLynx Hub Help files.
Download and print the FocusLynx Hub Help pdf.

Special Note for Windows XP Users

While Windows XP is no longer supported, we do have a batch file available for proper registration of the .msi files.  ASCOM is required, but you may wish to contact Optec support for a customized batch file if you are running into problems with your XP machine.  The most recent version of the XP Setup files are available here.