Perseus 4-Port Instrument Selector

Perseus Commander Software and Driver Download

Perseus 4-port Instrument Selector ASCOM Driver:

Windows 7/8/10 (release date: 2019/06/10)

Windows installer package for the Perseus 4-Port Instrument Selector  ASCOM Driver and Client, Version 3.

ASCOM StandardsDeveloped as an ASCOM Local Server, the new Perseus driver is based upon the ASCOM Switch interface with custom actions for higher level clients.  Package includes interface client for naming and selecting each port, scripting capability, and documentation for implementing ASCOM switch interface. Version 3 software is compatible with Perseus 4-port Instruments Selectors having Generation 3 and Generation 2 firmware version V1.10 and above. 

Perseus Gen3 firmware version 3 or higher is required for advanced features including Ethernet connectivity and smartphone control of the instrument selector.

Download 4-Port Control program

ASCOM switch interface requires Platform 6.4 or higher.
(NOTE:  Contact high-level client software vendor for switch interface questions regarding specific implementations.)
Software copyright 2019 - Optec, Inc.

Perseus ASCOM Documentation and Help File:

Perseus 4-Port Instrument Selector Installation and Instruction Guide, Rev. 2.
Perseus GEN3 Command Processing document, Rev. 1.
(This document does not apply to original and Gen2 Perseus Instrument Selector circuits.)