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Astronomy and CCD Imaging Accessories

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Optec designs and manufactures a wide variety of advanced instruments and accessories for the small observatory. Optec has maintained its status as a commercial manufacturer of stellar light photometers since the first SSP-1 Solid State Photometer was introduced in 1976. Since then, the SSP photometer series has become the standard for most single-channel photometry done in the world today. Additionally, with the popular use of CCD imaging in astronomy, Optec has introduced many accessory instruments to assist in acquiring high-quality CCD images. Our unique product lines include:

  • SSP 3/4/5 series of stellar photometers
  • TCF-S/Si/S3/S3i temperature compensating focusers
  • IFW/IFW-3 intelligent filter wheel system
  • Pyxis/Pyxis-3/Pyxis LE camera field rotator
  • NextGEN series of CCD field telecompressors
  • Ultra Wedge for Meade LX200 16"
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Atmospheric Science Instruments

The measurement of visibility is a unique specialty of Optec. Optec is the only commercial maker of a long-path transmissometer used to measure the total scattering coefficient of the atmosphere in visible and near infrared wavelengths. With path length between the transmitter and receiver up to 16 km, air of Rayleigh quality can be measured accurately. The LPV-2 and the new LPV-3 transmissometers are used throughout the world for this task.

For the measurement of point atmospheric scatter, the NGN-2a ambient air integrating nephlometer and the NGN-3a PM2.5 heated inlet integrating nephelometer are used worldwide. These instruments are self-calibrating and are robust for long-term monitoring in remote locations.

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OEM Optical Couplers And Devices

Optec designs and manufactures special optical couplers for a variety of OEM applications. From concept to finished product, Optec has the tools necessary to accomplish your OEM manufacturing job. We make use Zemax optical design software, we have long-standing relationships with custom optical suppliers both in the USA and abroad, our CAD/CAM capability is state of the art, and our knowledge and experience in fabricating intricate lens mountings is second-to-none. Contact us today to find out if your OEM application can be made a success through Optec.

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