NGN-2a Nephelometer


Inside View of NGN-2

The Optec NGN-2a integrating nephelometer employs a unique open-air design that allows accurate measurement of the scattering coefficient (Bscat) of ambient air. With a direct, unobstructed path from the outside air to the optical measuring chamber, modification of the temperature, relative humidity, aerosols, and gases of the sampled ambient air are minimized. The NGN-2a features low power consumption, a rugged compact design, and easy installation and operation making it ideally suited for remote monitoring. The NGN-2a is an improved version of the NGN-2.

Wyoming Visibility Monitoring Network

Features Include:

  • Continuous measurement of ambient Bscat using stable and long-life silicon photodiode light detector
  • Direct and unobstructed path from outside air to the measurement chamber minimizes the modification to the temperature, relative humidity, aerosols, and gases of the sampled ambient air
  • Modular design allows easy servicing and component replacement
  • Operates in ambient conditions so that an inexpensive climate-controlled sheltering is not required. The small size with minimal support requirements allow for easy installation on towers or existing shelter walls
  • 13.8 volts at 20 watts power requirement allows for remote solar power installation
  • Internal computer monitors and controls operation, allows for flexible data-logger interface and diagnostics. Control and data logging program for Windows PC is supplied with free updates.
  • Automatic clean air and span gas calibrations at user-selected intervals
  • Three wire RS-232 at 9600 baud and two analog outputs available for data logging
  • LED lamp for very long life of approximately 50,000 hours and reduced power consumption. Effective wavelength is at 530 nm with a 40 nm band width.; Other LEDs operating at different wavelengths (470, 505 and 626nm) are available.