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Before You Order Your Nephelometer...

  • Of course, the technical manual and papers in the Publication pages need to be read and understood. The NGN-2a and -3a requires much advanced preparation if the installation is going to be successful. Call Optec and we will review your application and requirements.
  • The standard package from Optec usually consists of the instrument (#88100 NGN-2a or #88125 NGN-3a) and a power supply (#86905 for outdoor use or #88905 for indoor).
  • A short lab cable assembly is included with the standard package so that the instrument can be operated on the bench and the instrument variables setup.
  • Connector parts are include for the user to construct a power and data cable for the main installation. Optec can construct this cable for a slight charge if requested. Refer to to #88901 for the cost per foot of cable.
  • A span gas apparatus is need for calibration. Parts are included in the standard package for use with the customer's own span gas device. These parts include: hepa filter, orfice and brass hose fitting. Consider the Optec Span Gas apparatus (#88915) if you wish not to construct your own. For multiple instrument purchases, only one apparaturs is required. The 1 lb SUVA 134a gas cylinder is not avaialable from Optec since shipping compressed gas is usually not allowed. This product is available from most automotive supply stores for only a few dollars per can. Do not purchase the product with leak seal additive.
  • The standard package includes the PC windows control and data logging software. Updates are free from our web site. Locate the Software Download link on the NGN pages.
  • Other items to consider are: extra lamps (#88610), replacement filters for the clean air canister (#88605) and an extra clean air canister ( (#88600) so that filter media changes do not have to be done in the field.
Optec can assist with advice and equipment for the installation of a NGN monitoring site. However, our involvement is limited and on-site participation is not possible. If your require on-site assistance or a complete turn-key installation including our products, towers, data loggers, solar power, heated lab sheds, etc., we at Optec recommend Air Resource Specialist, Inc.